Lincoln County Rivers, Lakes & Streams

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Adam Creek 312110N 0903649W
Allbritton Creek 312246N 0902739W
Bahala Creek 314115N 0900649W
Bayou Pierre 315434N 0911136W
Bear Creek 313740N 0900654W
Bear Creek 313539N 0901101W
Beaver Creek 313343N 0903611W
Beaver Dam Creek 312612N 0902630W
Big Creek 312633N 0902657W
Blue Creek 313447N 0903552W
Bogue Chitto 303505N 0895007W
Boone Creek 312802N 0902617W
Butler Creek 312812N 0903146W
Cedar Creek 314210N 0904144W
Clarks Lake 313356N 0902123W
Clear Branch 313345N 0903620W
Clear Creek 313901N 0902209W
Dickerson Creek 312148N 0902701W
Doolittle Creek 313311N 0902930W
Dry Creek 314214N 0903727W
East Bogue Chitto 313059N 0902728W
East Fork Amite River 305938N 0905006W
East Topisaw Creek 312156N 0901632W
Fair River 313729N 0900637W
Fords Creek 314028N 0901814W
Furr Branch 314001N 0901830W
Gills Creek 312800N 0902621W
Gravel Pit Lake 313640N 0902112W
Greer Branch 311949N 0901939W
Halbert Branch 313223N 0902729W
Hog Branch 313545N 0903337W
Homochitto River 311253N 0913141W
Horse Creek 312718N 0904351W
Hurricane Creek 314020N 0904309W
Hurricane Creek 313050N 0903856W
Hurricane Lake 313015N 0903630W
Isom Branch 313840N 0902247W
Jackson Creek 313537N 0903423W
Jordan Creek 312817N 0902548W
Kees Creek 313304N 0901917W
Lazy Creek 311841N 0902441W
Lick Creek 313740N 0904308W
Little Bahala Creek 314219N 0901318W
Little Creek 312057N 0902033W
Little Fair River 313300N 0901636W
Maxwells Branch 313411N 0901444W
McCall Creek 312950N 0904704W
Meadville Branch 312132N 0903649W
Moaks Creek 312151N 0902654W
Mount Pleasant Creek 312257N 0902737W
Myers Creek 312605N 0902629W
Panter Creek 312804N 0903246W
Perch Creek 313319N 0901506W
Red Creek 312752N 0903154W
Richey Creek 313234N 0901739W
Sassers Mill Creek 312608N 0903018W
Sawdust Branch 312331N 0902738W
Shaws Creek 313537N 0903423W
Smith Lake 313524N 0902324W
South Fork Homochitto River 314158N 0903553W
Tangipahoa River 302012N 0901626W
Taylors Creek 312130N 0902903W
Topisaw Creek 311157N 0901720W
Turkey Branch 313052N 0901737W
Walkers Creek 313116N 0901820W
West Bogue Chitto 313059N 0902728W
West Topisaw Creek 311855N 0901800W