Lincoln County Schools

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Alexander High School 313413N 0902559W
Arlington School (historical) 312507N 0903316W
Bailey Branch School (historical) 312907N 0901624W
Big Creek School (historical) 312734N 0902951W
Big Springs School (historical) 313446N 0901940W
Bogue Chitto Attendance Center 312624N 0902724W
Brookhaven Academy 313324N 0902854W
Brookhaven Elementary School 313439N 0902650W
Brookhaven High School 313444N 0902612W
Confederate Grove School (historical) 314011N 0902647W
East Lincoln Consolidated School (historical) 312907N 0901725W
Edwards School (historical) 313303N 0903007W
Enterprise School 312827N 0902304W
Fair Oak Springs Consolidated School (historical) 313312N 0901914W
Fair River Hall School (historical) 313311N 0901745W
Friendship School (historical) 313646N 0902353W
Garner School (historical) 313815N 0902736W
Gills School (historical) 312758N 0902801W
Goodman School (historical) 313938N 0903153W
Grafton Hall School (historical) 314144N 0903106W
Grange Hall School (historical) 313950N 0903738W
Gum Grove School (historical) 312810N 0903305W
Harris High School 313357N 0902547W
Hickory Grove School (historical) 312917N 0902414W
Huey School (historical) 312158N 0902341W
Kings School (historical) 312443N 0903112W
Lipsey Junior High School 313521N 0902717W
Lloyd Hall School (historical) 313736N 0903537W
Lloyd Star Consolidated School 313743N 0903318W
Love School (historical) 313610N 0902749W
Mamie L Martin Elementary School 313531N 0902647W
Mullens School 313409N 0902546W
Oak Grove School (historical) 313328N 0902021W
Oak Ridge School (historical) 312350N 0902553W
Ollie School (historical) 313339N 0903729W
Pine Grove School (historical) 312612N 0902512W
Pleasant Grove School (historical) 313010N 0901453W
Progress School (historical) 313709N 0903328W
R E Lee School (historical) 312801N 0903624W
Red Star School (historical) Unknown Unknown
Reed School (historical) 314040N 0903406W
Ruth School 312243N 0901901W
Saint Francis School 313438N 0902624W
Searchlight School (historical) 314150N 0903724W
Sweetwater School (historical) 312331N 0902216W
Union Hall Academy (historical) Unknown Unknown
West Lincoln Attendance Center 312931N 0903407W
Whitworth College (historical) 313448N 0902643W